An Arising Art
Paul Scott Malone
Bio, etc
Malone's Books
Ian Potts, English watercolorist,
retired head of Painting
Department at the University of
Brighton, UK:
"I found (Malone's
artwork) enlightening in its variety
of form and the depth of thought
applied to each piece."
Thomas Hodges, international
figure photographer, curator and
educator, LA & the world:

"Perhaps Paul's only failing is
modesty. Aside from being an
artistic talent, Paul is a warm and
caring person, who openly shares
his warmth with others, and I count
myself fortunate to be one of
Solomon Walker, Founder/CEO,
Museum of Digital Fine Art,
"Paul Scott Malone is a
gifted artist and writer, and his
brilliant talent doesn't stop there.
Over many decades Mr. Malone
has accumulated a wealth of
experiences and
accomplishments which is both
startling and humbling. When you
read his lengthy resume and view
his fine art you immediately gather
inspiration for your own creative
pursuits. I highly recommend Paul
Scott Malone for work on any
Laara WilliamSen, Internationally
acclaimed artist and curator, Vancouver
"Yes. I can certainly validate that Paul Scott
Malone's original abstract art works are
created with authenticity and that they are
very dynamic! Have a look! I am sure you
will love his art works!" (2014) "Wow!
These paintings are fabulous, Paul. There
is a distinct art language that you have
formed by way of your compositions, use
of lines and colors. Really excellent work."
Julia Adison, Assistant Curator,
I.C.A. Publications, Athens/NYC:
"Your work is really impressive
and we'll be happy to present it in
the book...."