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Artist's Statement

Art serves as life's shadow reality, its conscience and its vision. It helps lift the Earthly weight of troubled thought  from our shoulders. Art lurks in alleyways and
byways ready always to let us know that the beliefs we consider firm and faithful may have misplaced their righteous natures. It reminds us that someone must
always be plodding along beside the crowd scanning for that lonely face of truth, which turns away from the false principles we so often embrace. The artist,
therefore, must be a steadfast sojourner, prepared always to search us out and redirect us toward the proper straight path to peace and solidarity, the rugged solitary
path that leads us finally to the soul's hard-won humanity. True art tosses out old notions, used-up ideas. It reminds us that great art, no matter how old the object, is
contemporary in all its manifestations; even more, true art shows us the glory and contemporary nature of the few everlasting verities left to us.

Such a sojourner life chose me to be. The oil paintings I create I create to enchant and to please, but never to advance a cause or play at some superfluous theme.
The finest art cares nothing for causes or themes. Art  is too important for that. I aim to convey only that which I have witnessed with my mind and heart to the minds
and hearts of  those who care to look. I beseech them to reach for whatever of virtuous delight they may find in my paintings.

These are abstract oil paintings -- "atmospheric expressionism," they've been called -- which allow for the merging of color -- an idea -- with numerous other ideas --
such as form -- and they offer a huge collection of possible images, yet another idea, for the viewer to gaze upon and ponder. The shapes and the tints and the lines
and the shades are softer than the ones we usually associate with abstract expressionism, with its harsh bold primary colors, its sharp cutting lines. The artworks
here are quieter, calmer. With color as the window, these paintings reveal that which resides in the deep unseen nebulous souls of us all. They allow for human
warmth and love and beauty as well as the mean, the ugly and the rancorous elements of life. They do not scream at us; they do not yell: injustice, cruelty, heartache,
suffering, surrender, defeat. All of this is captured in these paintings but, I must confess, an occasional pretty sunset sometimes emerges as well.

Still, if art is anything it is personal, a personal expression of woe or happiness. I work at the painter's trade because it elicits the highest moments of joy and ecstasy
I have ever experienced. To create truly must be kin to touching the fingertip of god. Deep abiding tides of insight and restfulness follow in mystifying sensations.
Nothing even close to this level of satisfaction and enlightenment could possibly exist elsewhere, except perhaps in long-practiced meditation, so similar.

The philosopher Albert  Guerard once called art "the solemn joy of voyaging through strange sees of thought alone." A sublime thought if ever one existed! And
sometimes it's like that  too.

A Southerner by heritage, Malone was born and reared in Houston, Texas. After a time in the military, he attended and graduated from the University of Houston. For
five years then he worked in newspaper journalism before taking an MFA degree from The University of Arizona in 1986.

Then began a serious career as a writer of fiction, poetry and criticism, and, with less devotion at that time, the visual arts. During those years he taught writing and
literature at five colleges and universities, mostly part-time. Meanwhile, he published three books of fiction, a novel and two short story collections, and, while still a
graduate student, a text on rhetoric for young scholars. He received a number of prizes, including, in 1990, a Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts.

In 1994, Malone largely set aside his teaching career and, since then, his time has been devoted entirely to oil painting and writing, though he does less writing now
than in the past. Over time, he has been drawn more and more to painting, a calling that seems the truest to him of all his various interests, the one with which he
has always felt  the greatest affinity. Oil painting has been his  first and most intense way of being for more than 20 years. Malone, who lived in the Arizona desert for
many years, has recently relocated his studio to the Gulf Coast of Texas.

Exhibitions (Selected)

2014 Milano Garage gallery, IMMAGIAZIONE-creativite, Milan
2014 3rd International Juried Art Exhibition of Estoril, Galeria Aberta, Lisbon
2013 SCOPE Art Fair Miami Beach, See.Me
2013 Four-day continuous video of artworks, Milano Garage gallery, IMMAGINAZIONE-creativita, Milan
2012 ParallaxAF, Nov, NYC
2012 ParallaxAF Aug, NYC
2012 Artists Wanted: "Self," NYC
2012 Artists Wanted: "Art Takes Times Square," NYC
2012 Rinconart Gallery, Sacramento, CA
2011 Cross Timbers Fine Arts Council's River North Gallery, "Lace," Stephenville, TX, USA (solo)
2011 Barnard Mill Art Museum, Glen Rose, TX
2010 Icosahedron Gallery, "Heat," NYC
2010  Icosahedron Gallery, "Disintegration," NYC (featured artist)
2008 Ventana Medical Systems, Tucson, AZ, USA (solo)
2008 Tubac Art Festival, AZ
2007 Gallery of the Holy Ghost, Tucson (solo)
2007 Gallery of Dreams, St. David, AZ
2002 Bentley's, Tucson (solo)
2001 Nickelodeon Art Gallery, Burbank, CA
2001 Tucson Pima Arts Council
2000 El Taller art gallery, Austin, TX (featured artist)
2000 Pages for All Ages bookstore, Champaign, IL, USA (solo)
1999 Southlynn Gallery & Studio, Champaign (solo)
1999 Border's Bookstore, Champaign (solo)
1999-2003 galleryNow, Tampa, FL (online)
1998-2000, Artists Against Aids, Champaign
1998 Parkland College Student Fine Arts Exhibition, Champaign
1998 State of Illinois Amateur Art Exhibitions (three blue ribbons, one red)
1998 Southlynn Gallery & Studio, Champaign (solo)
1997-2000 various group exhibitions arranged by artists in Champaign-Urbana

Book Publications

Visual Arts

2014 International Contemporary Artists VIII, I.C.A. Publications, Athens/NYC
Hidden Treasures Art Magazine Yearbook 2014, UK
Art Takes Time Square, Artists Wanted, NYC
International Contemporary Artists IV
Important Artists of the World, World Wide Art Books, Santa Barbara, CA  
Living Artists of Today, Contemporary Art International, Art & Beyond Gallery, Inc., Chicago
2011 Cover art,
Kiss (poetry book, Alison Hicks), PS Books, Philadelphia
Real-Time, Artoteque, London
2001 Cover Art,
This House of Women  (my first novel), Texas Tech University Press, Lubbock, TX
1999 Cover Art,
The Octupus, Champagn-Urbana


2001 This House of Women (novel). Lubbock: Texas Tech University Press
Memorial Day and Other Stories. Forth Worth: Texas Christian University Press
In an Arid Land: Thirteen Stories of Texas. Fort Worth: Texas Christian University Press

Other Publications

2012 Galleria D'arte Contemporanea, IMMAGINAZIONE-creativita (online), Milan
Art & Beyond magazine,  Art & Beyond Studio, Inc., Chicago, July/Aug
Art & Beyond. Mar/Apr
Art & Beyond (special edition for the artists whose work appeared in the book Living Artists of Today), Jan/Feb
2011 "Lie in Light" (poem),
ARTwALL zine, London
2009 "Wild Onions," (poem),
Southern Humanities Review, Auburn University
2004 "Prize Rope," short story reprinted in
Naked: Writers Uncover the Way We Live on Earth. New York: Four Walls Eight Windows
1986 Ed.
A Student's Guide to Freshman Composition. Edina, Minn: Bellwether Press
1978 -- present: Short stories, poems, journalism and literary criticism included in numerous newspapers, magazines, books and  literary journals

Professional Associations (Selected)

2012 Art Takes Manhattan
2012 Smoky Pixel (online gallery)
2011 Linkedin
2011 Au Coeur des Artistes, Paris
2010 Twitter
2010 Google+
2010 ARTwALL zine, London
2009 Facebook
Art  Review, London
2009 CultureInside, Luxembourg
2009 ARTslant, New York
2009 Artbreak, Pittsburgh Institute of Art
2008 Facebook
2008 Central Arts Gallery, Tucson
2008 Rinconart Gallery, Tubac, AZ

Grants, Awards and Honors (Selected)

1990 Fellow, National Endowment for the Arts, USA
2016 Showcase Artist, Immortal Artist series, Grey Cross Studios, New Orleans (several paintings streamed  continuously on Twitter for three days)
2016 International Prize Leonardo Da Vinci - The Universal Artist, Florence
2015 Jury member, International Award of Contemporary Art, ARTPROTAGONIST2015, ARTEFICIOlineo, Venice
2015 International Prize Michelangelo - Artists at the Jubilee, Rome
Contemporary Authors
2014 Named a Pro-Member, See.Me, NYC
2014 Sandro Botticelli Prize,
Effetto Arte magazine, Rome
2013 "Super Hot Artist," Artists Unleashed & ArtBookGuy, USA
Encyclopedia d'Arte Italiana, Rome
2012 Artavita, honorable mention, World Wide Art Books, Santa Barbara, CA
International Contemporary Masters, World Wide Art Books
2006 Citation of Excellence,
Real-Time, Artoteque, London
2006 Literary papers donated to the Texas Writers' Collection, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX
2002 The Willa Literary Award for Contemporary Fiction, Women Writing the West (the first man to be honored with this prestigious prize)
2001 "Bipolar II," selected by Texas Tech University Press as cover art for my first novel,
This House of  Women
2001 Tucson-Pima Art Council's Public Art Roster
2001 First Finalist, Jesse Jones Award for Best Fiction (
Memorial Day & Other Stories), Texas Institute of Letters
2000-02 Featured Author, Texas Book Festival, Austin, TX
2000 Nominated,
2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 20th Century, Cambridge, UK
2000 Nominated,
2000 Great Writers of the 20th Century, Cambridge
2000 Nominated,
Who's Who in the World
1999-present Who's Who in America (also on Tenth Anniversary List)
Who's Who in the Midwest
1997 Featured Poet, American Poetry Monthly
1997 Committee Judge, Jesse Jones Award for Best Fiction and the award for best first work,  Texas Institute of Letters
1996 Jesse Jones Award for Best Fiction,  Texas Institute of Letters
Contemporary Authors
1994 Frank O'connor Memorial Award, Descant
1992 Black Warrior Review Literary Award in Fiction
1988 Second prize, as judged by Raymond Carver,
American Fiction short story contest
1986 Grant, Society of Southwestern Authors, Tucson
The Tucson Weekly Annual Fiction Contest (publication and radio interview)
1986 Anonymous Scholarship for Fiction Writing, The University of Arizona
1984-86 John Huck Memorial Scholarships, The University of Arizona
1983-86 Scholarships for fiction writing & the study of contemporary literature, The University of Arizona
1983 Feature writing, AP Managing Editors of Oklahoma
1982 Interpretive reporting, Oklahoma Society of Professional Journalists
1978-79 Several awards, Corpus Christi (TX) Press Club
1979 Best reporting, Texas Committee on Natural Resources
1978 Distinguished Journalism Graduate, University of Houston
1978 Distinguished Graduating Student, University of Houston

Works in Private Collections (more than fifty oils & pastels) Selected List

2013 Marleen Versteeven ("Uzbekistan" series), Belgium
2013-15 Catherine Mann, Tucson, AZ
1997-2012 Dan Malone (no relation) & Kathryn Jones, Walnut Springs, TX
2010 Charles & Grace Malone (no relation), Walnut Springs
2014 Dr. Ali Baaj, Tucson
2014 Margaret Kepner, Tucson
2014 James Ross, Tucson
2012 Carl & Gail Daniels, Dallas
2008 Colleen Slater, Tucson
2007 Dr. Cynthia Ginnetti, Tucson
2007-10 Roberta Bryant, Glastonbury, CT
2006 Sally Allen, Oklahoma City
2001 Jenny Southlynn, Champaign-Urbana
1999 Brenda Beck, Champaign-Urbana
1997-2005 Dr. Cheryl Ann Knott, Tucson


1986 MFA, The University of Arizona                                                                                                                                 
1978 BA, University  of Houston
1997-99 Courses in visual art, Parkland College, Champaign; 2001-02 Pima Community College, Tucson
1997-2000 Studio Assistant  (unpaid, part  time), Jenny Southlynn, artist & gallery owner, Champaign

Previous  Employment

2010-12 Adjunct Professor of literature and writing, Tarleton State University, Stephenville, TX
1993-98 Corresponding Editor,
Writers' Forum (University of Colorado)
1992-96 Contributing literary critic in fiction
, The Dallas Morning News
1987-94 Instructor, literature and rhetoric, Austin (TX) Community College
1986-87 Lecturer in writing, literature and rhetoric, Wayne State University, Detroit
1986-87 Instructor, literature and rhetoric, Washtenaw Community College, Ann Arbor, MI
1984-86 Administrative Associate, Director of Writing, The University of Arizona
1983-86 Graduate Teaching Assistant, The University of Arizona
1982-83 State Editor,
The Daily Oklahoman, Oklahoma City
1982-83 Oklahoma Correspondent,
The Wall Street  Journal
1980-82 Reporter, The Daily Oklahoman; 1978-80 Reporter, Corpus Christi (TX) Caller-Times