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Malone's Books  
Paul Scott Malone
This House of Women
(a novel)
Texas Tech University Press
337 pp.
ISBN 0-89672-458-1 (cloth)
2002 Willa Literary Award for Contemporary Fiction, Women Writing the West

Publisher's Weekly
"Rambling, old-fashioned and thoroughly endearing, Paul Scott Malone's first
novel ,
This House of Women, follows the adventures of Hannah Hayward, who
arrives in the small east Texas town of Karankawa in 1942, pregnant and nearly
linchpin of an unorthodox family, eventually moving across the state to a hill
country ranch. Short story writer Malone (
In an Arid Land) tackles the novel form
with warmth and integrity."

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Midwest Book Review

"Paul Malone is a native Texas writer and visual artist. This House of Women is
his novel about the courageous heroine Hannah Hayward. She was pregnant at
nineteen in 1942 as the man she loved went off to war. We follow her journey to
forge a life for herself and her offspring through the decades of Texas history.
House of Women
is a powerfully narrated, stalwart story rife with emotion and full
of life. Highly recommended."
Paul Scott Malone
In an Arid Land:
Thirteen Stories of Texas
TCU Press
232 pp.
ISBN 0-87565-140-2 (cloth)
1996 Jesse Jones Award for Best Fiction,Texas Institute of Letters
The New York Times Book Review

"A collection of stories set in the Lone Star state, by a graduate of the University of
Arizona, depicting episodes in the lives of ordinary people facing tragic turning
points in their lives due to divorce, death, retirement and growing up. In
straightforward prose, Mr. Malone writes about what happens when we reach
those points in our lives when simple hopes go up in smoke .... With grief and
insight, Mr. Malone taps into man's uneasiness, as so many of the consolations
of our fierce century become exhausted."

The Dallas Morning News

"Except for the title story, Paul Scott Malone has set most of In an Arid Land in
moist places. His characters tend to live in small towns in the piney woods of East
Texas, and they are vivified by loss: of horses, of husbands and wives, of fathers,
of the land itself .... Like James Joyce's
Dubliners, Mr. Malone's people are
paralyzed, stuck. A man whose marriage has broken up takes his father and his
best friend to the beach. He tries to heal himself by fishing, as if by casting over
and over again into the empty surf he will retrieve his happiness .... In another
story, a young mother and an old delusive widower console one another. He
imagines she is his long-dead wife, and comes to her, talking about an earring
she lost many years ago. She allows him his delusion, and in surrendering to his
imagination, helps heal them both."
Paul Scott Malone
Memorial Day and Other Stories
TCU Press
175 pp.
ISBN 0-87565-140-2 (paper)
From the cover of Memorial Day

Memorial Day and Other Stories has a cast of characters not easily forgotten; they
are damaged young men struggling with a hostile world -- or at least a world they
don't always understand. Malone's major theme is the angst of modern man.
Even the women characters -- and they are never the protagonists -- suffer from
one sort of anxiety or another .... Paul Scott Malone does not  write happy stories,
but his work probes the depths of human emotion and opens for the reader
windows into the minds of his characters.
Paul Scott Malone
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