An Arising fine art
Paul Scott Malone

"...Art is not elaborate technique,
and art is not the quest of
beauty. It is the vanguard of life,
scouting, pioneering, reaching
into the unknown, into that
which is not yet amenable to
law. It is the thrill of wonder, the
gaze from a peak in Darien, the
road to Xanudu, the dim Ultima
Thule, the solemn joy of
voyaging through strange seas
of thought alone. It is a venture
beyond organized truth, beyond
acknowledged virtue, beyond
beauty, and ...
beyond the dreary dailiness
which usurps the name of life.
Art, thus interpreted, spurns
patterns, standards, values:
words which of their very nature
are essentially philistine. Thus it
cannot exist save for its own
sake only. Whoever looks
primarily to the true, the good, or
the beautiful, with art merely as
a mode of approach, is turning
his back on the reality of
--Albert Guerard
More Wisdom

"To arrest, for the space of a
breath, the hands busy about
the work of the earth, and
compel men entranced by the
sight of distant goals to glance
for a moment at the surrounding
vision of form and colour; of
sunshine and shadows; to
make them pause for a look, for
a sigh, for a smile -- such is the
aim, difficult and evanescent,
and reserved only for a very few
to achieve. But sometimes, by
the deserving and the fortunate,
even that task is accomplished.
And when it is  accomplished --  
behold! -- all the truth of life is
there: a moment of vision, a
sigh, a smile -- and the return to
an eternal rest."
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Paul Scott Malone, the artist who produced
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Please do not derive other works from
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Malone   All rights reserved
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This website is an online gallery and sales
outlet of Malone's artwork. The paintings
and drawings shown here are
one-of-a-kind, original and of the highest
quality. Most are oils, though some are
acrylic, pastel, charcoal or pencil. To make
a purchase, please
contact the artist.

For the current price of a particular painting,
contact the artist by email.

We accept payments through PayPal (to or by check.

The cost of shipping will be determined at
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Returns & Refunds
If, within one month of the date of sale, the
purchaser is dissatisfied with a painting in
any way, please
contact us first and then
return the painting via FedEx, UPS or
USPS. The price of the painting plus the
cost of return shipping will be refunded as
soon as possible.
"Sonoran Lace #2"
News & Information

See more paintings in Art & Beyond
magazine, May/June (online),
summer (print), 2017.

Inducted, Laguna ART Group,
Laguna Beach, CA, May 2017.

Otherwise, the artist is at work these days
and planning for the future.
"Red #3"
"Extreme #3"
Be Cool! ...
be an art
collector ...
Come ...

See ...

Conquer ...

-- Joseph Conrad
"Origins of the Natural World #9"